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Until MyboClean, there were no successful treatment options for demodex blepharitis other than expensive in-office procedures like photobiomodulation or agents that caused excessive burning and stinging, like high concentration tea tree oil. Internationally, manuka extract is well known as a very effective and comfortable treatment for demodex blepharitis--- and it’s the key ingredient in MyboClean. The other ingredients, including coconut oil and aloe, contribute to the comfort and impressive treatment results of this one-of-a-kind, lid-hygiene product. It has changed our practice success, our patient response, and we’re finally seeing successful resolution of this most recalcitrant form of blepharitis.

Paul Karpecki

Keplr Vision

My patients have been getting great results with the Myboclean brushes for demodex and anterior blepharitis. Great way to make eyelid hygiene part of your daily routine as it should be! My wife and I use the Myboclean brush ourselves as preventative maintenance.

Jason Besecker

Envision Specialty EyeCare

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