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Providing Daily Eye Comfort

If you can brush your teeth, you can brush your Eyelids

Eyelid wipes can clean superficially while the Mybo Clean Brush provides deep cleaning between the eyelashes and on the eyelid border!

Myboclean daily eyelid cleansing brush


Revolutionary and innovative new method to treat dry eye disease and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction.

The easy grip flange allows you to take control, while the tapered bristle pattern thoroughly cleans in between the eyelashes keeping eyes healthy and clean.
Made from soft medical grade silicone.


The Eyelid Cleansing Brush for Sensitive Skin is made from softer silicone specifically designed for delicate and sensitive eyelids and skin. Its softer bristles allow for deep eyelid and eyelash cleaning while maintaining the highest level of comfort.

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First eyelid cleanser to combine Manuka Honey, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, and Sea Salt to provide deep cleaning to eyelids and lashes while moisturizing skin. 


Manuka Honey has a long history of medical use. It has great antibacterial and antiviral properties from an active ingredient called methylglyoxal (MGO), it also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Our Manuka Honey has an MGO rating of 572.

Coconut Oil is nutrient rich, including Vitamin E, medium chain fatty acids which contribute to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, and bioactive compounds such as polyphenols. It is also a great natural moisturizer.

Aloe Vera is full of antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties. It is also full of powerful antioxidants, belonging to a larger family of polyphenols, which help with the prevention of certain bacterial growth. Aloe Vera is great at helping retain skin moisture and improving skin integrity.

Sea Salt has anti-inflammatory properties due to its potent mineral content. It helps detoxify skin while providing it with nutrients. 

Click here for Conditions and Directions for Use.

lid margin with blepharitis pre treatment

Patient's eyelid before using the Mybo Clean eyelid cleansing brush and hydrating gel

True and Effective Results

Initial clinical studies of the Mybo Clean Eyelid Cleansing Brush have shown significant improvement with debris removal from the eyelash line resulting in debris reduction, decreased inflammation, improvement of dry eye symptoms, and overall healthier lid margins.

lid margin post treatment

Patient's eyelid after using the Mybo Clean eyelid cleansing brush and hydrating gel

Woman Applying Eye Cream

Do You Suffer From Makeup Induced Dry Eye?

The Mybo Clean Eyelid Cleansing Brush is excellent at removing eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara all in one application.


Gently scrub side to side for 10-20 seconds per eyelid with the Mybo Clean Gel to reach max cleansing effect.

Rinse your eyes and brush with warm soapy water after use and let air dry.

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Why Choose Mybo Clean to treat your dry eyes?


Our patent pending contoured design gently massages the meibomian glands while exfoliating the eyelid margins -effectively removing bacteria, eyelid debris.

Quick and Safe

Made from medical grade Silicone, our brush device is easy and safe to use and hold for adults of all ages.

Daily hygiene routine is as easy as 10-20 seconds of gentle brushing per eye!


One pump of gel per eye means exceptional cleansing power using the organic ingredients of Manuka Honey, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, and Sea Salt.

Your eyes will feel refreshed and light after application.

Dr. Paul Karpecki

showing the synergies found in the Mybo Clean System

Dr. Kevin Baxter 

discusses the impact of ocular surface disease and cataract surgery 

Proudly made in the USA
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