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Remove scurfs, bacterial buildup, and makeup with the Mybo Clean Eyelid Cleansing Brush.

One year supply of four (4) Mybo Clean Eyelid Cleansing Brushes packaged neatly for your convenience.

Wash brush with warm soapy water after each use. Use each individual brush for 3 months, then discard.


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The Mybo Clean Eyelid Cleansing Brush for Sensitive Skin is made from softer silicone specifically designed for delicate and sensitive eyelids and skin. Its softer bristles allow for deep eyelid and eyelash cleaning while maintaining the highest level of comfort.






Eyelid Cleansing Brush for Sensitive Skin (4 Pack)

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  • A clinically proven way to cleanse the eyelids and treat dry eye disease, Blepharitis, MGD and remove makeup.

    Simply apply a pump of Myboclean Hydrating Lids and Lash Cleansing Gel to the brush bristles and gently swipe left to right on the eyelid to properly cleanse. Re-apply the gel again and repeat on the other eye. Be mindful not to press hard on your eyelids while brushing. A gentle amount of force is all that is needed.

    Patented* to match the contour of your eye and optimal gripping.


    *Patent Pending

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